Memberships and Alliances: Connecting Globally

Board Service at Galexy and DEIK

Our founder, Mr. Cagatay Yilmaz, has been a dedicated member of the board of Galexy, the International Association of Law Firms, since 2008. Additionally, we’ve proudly served on the executive committee of DEIK (Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board) Turkey-Bulgaria since 2016, contributing to diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries.

Empowering SMEs for Global Success

Since 2013, we’ve worked closely with the European Enterprises Network, offering lectures and guidance to small and mid-sized enterprises looking to expand their markets on the international stage. This initiative aligns with our vision of fostering global business growth.

At YILMAZ LAW OFFICES , we believe in the power of collaboration and global connections. Our lawyers and our firm are proud members of esteemed organizations and associations, further enhancing our ability to serve our clients with excellence.

Our Memberships Include:

  • ABA – American Bar Association: As a member of the American Bar Association, we engage with a vast network of legal professionals, staying at the forefront of legal trends and practices on a global scale.
  • Galexy – International Association of Law Firms: Our affiliation with Galexy, an international association of law firms, allows us to tap into a diverse and accomplished network of legal experts around the world, enabling us to provide comprehensive support for our clients in international matters.
  • DEIK – Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board: Serving on the executive committee of DEIK, we actively contribute to enhancing economic and diplomatic relations between Turkey and Bulgaria, strengthening the ties between these two dynamic nations.
  • CCIIST – Italian Chamber of Commerce in Turkey: Our membership in the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Turkey demonstrates our commitment to facilitating cross-border business between Italy and Turkey, providing valuable insights and connections for our clients in these markets.

Our Global Reach, Your Advantage

These memberships and alliances extend our reach far beyond borders, allowing us to bring the best of global legal expertise to our clients. With these affiliations, we are uniquely positioned to provide a holistic and tailored approach to your international legal needs.