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Thanks to our very close and long lasting connections with esteemed international organizations, we are able to easily assist our clients with their needs in Turkey and around the globe.

Galexy /

Galexy is an international association of lawyers. Member firms are like-minded small and mid-sized law firms around the globe but especially within Europe. Galexy is not an “online network” that we meet at least once a year physically in a different jurisdiction. GaLexy enabled our firm to have very strong and reliable contacts around the globe through which we manage to provide cost effective, practical solutions in multinational complex solutions.

American Bar Association –

ABA is one of the largest lawyer organizations in the world. Mr.Cagatay Yilmaz has been an active ABA member since 2005. He is also active member of ABA Section of International Law, International Business Law, Middle Market and Small Business Committee, International Real Estate Committee and Europe Committee.

Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board –

DEIK is responsible for leading foreign economic relations of Turkish private sector in a myriad of sectors particularly foreign trade, international investment and services, international construction activities and logistics, exploring inward and outward investment opportunities as well as increasing the export volume of Turkish business and coordinating similar business development activities. Mr.Cagatay Yilmaz has been elected as the executive board member of Turkey-Greece Business Council.

Please feel free contacting us should you have any questions or need more information. Your enquiry shall be replied within two business days by a competent lawyer.

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