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Who we are?

Although Turkey and especially Istanbul is an attractive location for foreign direct investors, it is still not very easy for small and mid-sized foreign direct investors including foreign individuals with limited budget to find a law firm with international approach.

We are a family owned medium sized business law firm. With 4 partners and 6 associates we are a dynamic team of 10 lawyers assisting specifically small and mid-sized foreign direct investors investing in Turkey.

Business law, corporate law, real estate and labour law are our main fields of expertise.

It is not only corporations we are assisting, we do a great deal of work for individuals as well.

Our history:

2013: Olcay Yuksel Cihanoglu and Can Gurvit joined the Istanbul office.

1999: Rana Yilmaz joined the Istanbul office.

1997: Cagatay Yilmaz joined the office with a vision of international law and opened a second office in the heart of trade and commerce, Istanbul. In addition traditional labour law, the office very much focused its practice on business law and corporate law.

1988: Dr. İlter Yilmaz who used to work as human resources manager of a large corporation with more than 3,500 employees operating a group of 36 factories joined the law office. They specifically focused their practice on labour law.

1985: After working as labour law expert for one of the largest corporations for more than 10 years Dr. Banu Yilmaz resigned and opened her own law office in the heart of industry in Izmit, Kocaeli.

1974: Being graduated from law faculty of Rome University, Dr.Banu and Dr.İlter Yilmaz returned back from Italy to their home country Turkey.

Meet our valuable team members

Rana M. Yilmaz

Managing partner

Cagatay Yilmaz

Managing partner

Olcay Yuksel Cihanoglu

Associate lawyer

Can Gurvit

Associate lawyer

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Please feel free contacting us should you have any questions or need more information. Your enquiry shall be replied within two business days by a competent lawyer.

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